Sunday, April 25, 2010

On Ballet, Fools, and Respect.

I had an epiphany last night while watching a ballet (manly, I know; I went home and played a Ninja game to regain my masculinity). 

As I observed the different dancers I of course noted how graceful they were, and based off of what I saw I found myself thinking that certain ones would never amount to much as dancers. Immediately after this thought popped into my head I was slightly taken aback. 

I pretty much told those girls (and the one . . . questionable male) "you can't do it". Do you know how many times I, and countless others, have been told that? Seeing as that's a rhetorical question, I'll answer: far too many. Such words are spoken over children and even young adults so often that they become discouraged and put out. 

As a result they give up before they ever really gave themselves a chance. For all I know they could go on to be great dancers. We judge too quickly: we should judge based off of ones will and determination, not their skill, as given enough time it can grow exponentially. Only a fool makes a judgment from a first impression. 

While on the subject of judgment, I've found that when someone speaks ill of things I love and which I'm passionate about, it "turns me off" to that person. Or, more accurately, it lessens my respect for them. Now, if you're criticizing something I care about . . . that's a different story entirely. As a matter of fact, I'd enjoy that. Few things delight me more than a good critical analysis, however, if you're disregarding something due to misinformation and ignorance, that disgusts me. 

It leaves a really bad taste in my mouth. A really, really bad taste.