Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Is it Selfish Ammunition or God-driven Commission?

I was recently given rap artist B.o.B.'s new album "The Adventures of Bobby Ray" (which I'm not allowed to listen to, yay!), and at the end of the album there is an interview with him. During the video he mentions that he originally started writing as a form of self-therapy and it kinda flowed. Listening to that reminded me of when I first started putting pen to paper.

It was just like that . . . a smooth, flawless conglomeration of nouns and verbs that I just threw together as a way to vent. Did I ever think it would turn out poetic or even comprehensible? The thought never crossed my mind; I was just practicing my hideous handwriting after a spout of frustration and anger.
Now I can't go a day without writing something, and I'm gonna keep writing until I can't write anymore.

No paper? Use a napkin. No napkin? Use my skin. No pen? I'll scratch it out, then.

I've heard that some great lyricists wrote as much as ten pages per day of prose and/or verse. Upon learning that my first thought was "Crap, that means I have to write fifteen to twenty". Once I discovered that I had the slightest gift for writing I made up my mind then and there to go after it. I read books every chance I get in the hope of being inspired. After all, the key to true creativity is to steal. Nothing I put to paper is actually new: it's all in the way one presents it.

I just need to take some salt from here, a little pepper from there, then throw it all together for a nice bit of flavor. Now that I've set a goal, I'm not going to let anything short of divine intervention stop me. I've found that too often people sway in the face of a challenge or the slightest bit of adversity. I strive to be different. Even if it means being labeled an idiot for pursuing what appears, for all intended purposes, foolish, then call me a fool.

I know my goals; they're written in stone (oh, and in a journal). I will always evaluate them and put them up against God's word (i.e. the Bible for those of you who are a wee bit slow), but should they stand in the face of that . . . I will see them completed.

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