Sunday, May 23, 2010

Twin Swords & Life-Giving Words

It's amazing the feeling you get when you've struggled with something 
and then you kick it in the face. That's not to say you're not tempted 
to do it anymore, but every time it rears its ugly head what do you 
do? Why you bash it into the ground like a whack-a-mole, of course. =)

Thing is, though, we hardly ever kick the can alone. You ask Elohim to 
throw some help your way, forget about it, and maybe even go back to 
doing what you were doing before. Suddenly He tells you to do 
something CRAZY, just plain out there. You know those moments when 
God's plans don't quite line up with YOUR plans? "Your plans" . . . 
Haha! (That was a rhetorical question for those of you lacking in 
wit...look up rhetorical yourself!)

Ahem, anyway, you eventually come to your senses and do what he says. 
Completely nonsensical, but you "indulge" God anyway like you're 
actually helping him. Heh, silly humans. So you do it, all the while 
wondering how exactly you got conned into it, but somewhere along the 
way you meet people and you grow close . . . too close. So close that 
a little friction starts; next thing you know sparks are flying and 
the blade is meeting the grinding stone at a rapid pace. An ancient 
tome* says that the wounds of a friend are faithful, and iron sharpens 
iron. Through the process you're both made into blades of the purest 
metal (Mithril or Adamantium, if you will) that shine brighter than 
you ever could have alone. The impurities become that much more 
obvious against the "shininess", so what does that other person do? 
Attack the weak spots, naturally, but in a life-giving way.

After they've been "through the fire and flames", the blades 
become a pair. Twin Swords, yes? Alone they are fantastic in their own 
right, but together? Together they are legendary.

We've made a big deal out of the forging process, but let's not forget 
that without the author and executor of that process it's nothing. 
Elyon is the great Blacksmith, and he makes Muramasa's weapons look 
like Fisher-Price toys.

A fool, I am.

To think that the I, mere ore, could help the Blacksmith? 
Preposterous! My Father knows best (the divine one AND the earthly 
one, though I'm loath to admit it) and when HE speaks I should listen. 
He told me to jump into the fire because he knew what a brilliant 
piece of work I could be.

I asked to be fixed, and thinking that God forgot about my plea I went 
on my merry little way. He did NOT forget; he just had 
something way better in mind.

*The Bible

Oh, and as a sidenote: I'm working on a short story about . . . well, you'll see. It should be pretty loopy, so everyone should read it. Too-da-loo!

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  1. Very nice work bro. Straight truth.