Thursday, May 6, 2010

Waking up to Wonders, Wolves, and God.

Last night (May 4th . . . ) I got home, laid in my bed, and proceeded to pass out. After about an hour I was startled awake by a howl. Assuming it was a coyote, I rolled over and attempted to fall back asleep; the moment I began to drift away once more the coyote howled again, this time even closer. Annoyed and slightly curious, I rose from my bed to lookout the sliding glass doors. There at the edge of the woods was one of the largest coyotes that I've ever seen. I'm still not sure it was a coyote as it was black and humongous. Apparently some timber wolves were set loose in Alabama recently and have begun to breed, so perhaps it was actually a wolf.

Regardless, my curiosity grabbed me by the neck so I turned off the house alarm and made my way into the woods. Oh, and I put clothes and shoes on, too. Naturally, the wolf-creature retreated upon my opening of the door. I followed it into the woods for what I'm guessing was about a mile or so . . . yes, I'm aware of the fact that this probably wasn't the wisest idea. You can stop thinking about that and refocus on the story now! Err, back to it.

Wolfie (which is what we'll call him for the remainder of this tale) was moving rather quickly and thus I was hard pressed to keep up, but I had noticed that we seemed to be following the creek that winds its way through the woods/forest/trees. Now I've always had an infatuation and fascination with flowing bodies of water. As is wont to happen when I'm near a stream, I stopped to see what kind of aquatic life was lurking within the creek.

The moon has just begun to wane (it was gibbous for you celestially minded weirdos) and the trees are spread fairly thin so I was able to see quite well. Peering into the water, I spotted a flash of color. Intrigued, I leaned in for a closer look; to my surpise it was an orange-spotted sunfish! I know, not really that exciting, but I have been searching for it going on a decade. Oh, and they're definitely not nocturnal, either. Anyway, I watched it for some time.

As anyone would do, I assumed Wolfie was long gone, but not so. As it turns out, he was just sitting there some hundred yards away. Coming to my senses I resumed my pursuit. It didn't last long. We came to a part of the stream with a slight waterfall, and the width of the creek was nothing to be laughed at. Seeing as I was in my toms I decided to let Wolfie go on his merry lil' way as he crossed  the stream and slunk further into the woods. Slightly dismayed that I couldn't see my foolishness to fruition, I saw a faint splash of color in my peripheral vision. Naturally I thought it to be some woodland creature, but to my astonishment (just an example!) it was actually a moonbow. Yes, a lunar rainbow, right in front of my very eyes.

To some this may not seem like a big deal, but seeing a moonbow has been one of my goals for quite some time now. So I witnessed three wonders in the dead of night. God instilled a smidgen of color into the black and brown of the nighttime woods; and I saw a black coyote or wolf, both of which are exceedingly rare.

Why? Maybe because I needed to be reminded that my God does wonders all the time in the heat of life just like he did in the dead of night. His majesty is everywhere we look, but are we willing to wake up before two calls? Does the phone have to ring more than twice for you to pick up? Must the coyote cry its cry more than two times for you to roll out of bed? The Psalmist and so many others cry "God, have you fallen asleep?" out of desperation, but if only we would shut up and listen, we could hear him speak.

Psalm 121 says that He never slumbers, and to the question "Are your wonders known in the place of darkness . . . " . . . the answer is yes. After following Wolfie, finding the fish, and seeing a moonbow I began to make my way home, and on the way home I heard a tiny whisper in the wind. It said something that a friend told me a long time ago, something that the friend was just repeating.

"Be still . . . know that I am God."


  1. This was awesome and well timed for me bro. Thx

  2. Wow Channing. Thanks for the reminder that even in the darkest night of our souls, God is not sleeping...He is waiting for us still with wonders we have yet to dream of.

  3. Well done my friend well done