Saturday, June 19, 2010

To Dream Again.

As of late I've been really bored even when I'm active; and no, I don't mean your typical "boring" activities like work. It's the FUN stuff that I find boring, and I do believe I've figured out why.

It's "purpose". People want to hang out all of the time, and I understand how crucial fellowship is (quality time is the way I feel loved the most; emphasis on quality), but they so often lack purpose. Why doesn't anyone ever get together and DO something? I suppose it's likely due to the fact that so few people actually HAVE purpose. Of course, they say the best way to find your purpose is to help someone else fulfill theirs. I want to start something. Something BIG.

I need writers, artists, musicians (that means vocalists and instrumentalists), photographers, cameramen (women are welcome too =P), organizers, and anyone who thinks they can be the least bit creative.

It's funny - everybody thinks "Wow, so-and-so is SO creative!" likes it's something amazing. What's amazing is that so many people think they aren't. We're made in the image of THE creator and it's astonishing that someone can be creative? That's expected, and if you're NOT being creative then you NEED to be; it's as important as eating and breathing. It's part of who you are, and if you're not doing something then you're not satisfying your "creative stomach" . . . and then you're gonna go hungry, eh?

So if you said no because you thought you weren't creative . . . FAIL. That just means you need to hit me up. Stop acting all "grown", it's time to dream again.


  1. You may be on to something here...the boredom being from lack of purpose. Discouragement follows on the heals of the boredom as well.
    Not sure I understand this part, "So if you said no because you thought you weren't creative...FAIL." Explain?

  2. It's a way of saying "that's a horrible excuse" (a failure of an excuse, if you will). There IS no valid excuse. Due to the fact that we're made in God's image we're ALL creative, so to suggest that you're not creative enough is ludicrous.

  3. woa. love love love.
    ive been bouncing some creative "purposeful" ideas lately around in my brain. lets chat about it. start something big.
    you continue to inspire me channing.
    im in.

  4. Haha, oh what is this next big idea that's come your way? You've intrigued me Mr. Miskel and I want to know more. How do you intend to combat the boredom with a purpose you're giving to the masses?

  5. I am loving this..very inspiring! I agree with you, everyone has a purpose!!I haven't had the chance to see you since you and Trevor returned but reading your blogs I can tell the are doing great!! I am so proud of you..son #2! :)