Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Veggies & Psychopaths...

So I recently decided to be a vegetarian. Strange, I know.

It came about when I read about someone who decided to be a vegan for the summer. I admired the discipline and dedication [to moral beliefs] this person displayed, so I started thinking about it and decided perhaps I could do it, too. I, however, could not be a vegan. That involves consuming no animal products whatsoever, which would include milk, cheese, and the like. Seriously? Uh, no thanks.

So for my overall health and to test my mettle, I've decided to be a vegetarian instead. I'll also be eating fish, but I'm going to try to stay away from it as much as is [healthily] possible. If anyone cares to join me . . . do tell. Now, before you go losing your minds, I'm not going to be "legalistic" about it. If I'm at someone's house and they serve me meat unaware that I'm not eating it I will NOT just completely turn it away. That's just freakin' rude.

To all of you veggies and veegs . . . have some stinkin' manners!

Oh, I've also been reading a book about psychopaths lately, and no, not the serial killer kind. Instead I've been researching the kind that are nonviolent and hardly even eccentric. Supposedly they'll still display some ounce of insanity, but not always. What really makes a psychopath is the lack of a conscience. In a person that's not violent it doesn't sound too scary, but if only you knew.

Now you may be wondering why I'd read such a thing . . . and the answer is that it's to add to my knowledge. Understanding is something I've always craved, and the more I know the better my writing. That's probably why I've studied many things that most people shy away from (serial killers, demonology, nightmares, the Bible...)

Funny thing, apparently the way I used to be could almost be described as psychotic; I had nearly ever symptom down to a tee. Who knows, perhaps there's still a little bit of psychopath left in me? ^_X

Another short story coming soon: "Love would find forgiveness, so have you really ever loved at all?"

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  1. i found this when i googled 'vegetarian psychopaths' cuz i was wondering if psychopaths could choose to be vegetarians (lol)

    i'm also very interested in nonviolent psychopaths and i find them very scary :( they could be in our schools and workplaces and we wouldn't know