Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Drip drop, drip drop....

Drip drop, drip drop. That's the sound the rain makes as it plops.

I love this kind of weather. It's cold, foggy, and best of all, wet. I don't even understand why. Perhaps a lot of my best memories are associated with it? Who knows.

As I sit here writing on this blog for the first time in ages...I've just been made aware of another way in which God has revealed himself to be amazing. A friend of mine was recently shown that she can be used by God in ways that she had never imagined and through things that she thought were worthless and boring. It's always exciting to see Elohim "manifest". It's a great little nudge when you're down and feeling pressured.

That aside, I've been thinking about creating a gaming blog for a while, writing for it five times a week. It'll be hard to keep up with it, but I know it's something I need to do to advance from the level I'm on at the moment. That and I hope to start creating videos soon. I need some kind of big, collaborative project to work on, too. It's good to get in groups and contribute ideas, yet it's even more exhilarating to work on executing things that way . . . or at least it is for me.

So my creative goals are:
Update this blog at least three times a week
Start and maintain a new gaming blog
Write five pieces on gaming a week
Find a group of people who want to brainstorm
Start making video concepts

Wish me luck. =)


  1. That is awesome bro. It's so hard to challenge yourself sometimes but i know this is going to stretch you and push you towards growth and wisdom.

    Love the background