Sunday, January 23, 2011


Beaten, bruised, and abused.
Hurt, suffering, and refused.

Given no hope and knowing no light.
A plight that has no end. No “just around the bend”.

Shunned, ostracized, pushed away their entire lives.
Though raised by corruption, still hated for their sin.

So where does one’s humanity finish and the monstrosity begin? Are we not more than the sum of our parts? Does anyone care for crippled minds and broken hearts? Do we need special lenses to tell a person and their sin apart?

Disgusting, atrocious, lowest of the low. Must people live up to a standard for our love to show? Let’s switch gears for a bit. What of your past? Because it was said that if you’ve desired it then you might as well have done it.

But “Hey”, we say, “can’t you give a guy a break? I can’t alter how I think; I can’t erase my past mistakes.” True enough, sir, but there was one who took your place. He willingly paid the price to have all mistakes erased. Yet you pick, and yet you prod at those who have not yet found their way. Then you still possess the audacity to walk up to me and say you are “saved”?

“Violence begets violence” is an oft made claim, but might I suggest that hatred begets hurt and that we all break the same? If “fornication” is the sin then show me where the line between lust and sex begins. Show me where a person’s value dwindles and the depreciation sets in.

Is it inhumane to forgive those who kill? So alien to to love those who hate? That could be your brother, sister, mom, dad. You brother messes up, is sentenced to death, now are you glad? Some say “it’s the law”, “those are the consequences”, or “that’s the price for taking a life”. So now just because the government says it is okay that ultimately makes it right?

When did we begin to confuse darkness with light? To think that death could ever be equated to life? No more switching, let us open our eyes. No more trying to earn grace by belittling the very thing God labored to actualize. We are finished hiding behind lies like we’re politicians of wrong and right. We are through with thinking that killing is the only way to put up a fight. We will hit rock bottom but refuse to curse our persecutors. We will be shoved to the ground yet deny our “right” to hate the perpetrator.

We were beaten and refused. We were hurt and abused. We were shunned and ostracized. We were disgusting, the lowest of the low. Now we are by your side, yet hated, despised by many, and rightly so. It’s only natural that purity be spurned by the corrupt. Just remember that His love is enough and it runs from a spring that will never dry up.

Pulled from the theme found throughout 1 Corinthians, the album Mutemath, and the dark recesses of my mind.

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